SimplePlay provides all-round service to suit different needs. Experienced and professional, our team is ready to provide any kind of support to our partners and clients from integration to operation.

API Integration

All our gaming content can be integrated seamlessly to your platform to enrich your game library.

Wallet Integration

With transfer wallet and seamless wallet, we offer different means of fund transfer. Convenient online gaming creates great values for you.

24/7 Support

Our support team is ready 24/7 to give any support necessary. Smooth and stable gaming retains your players and creates huge streams of income.

Back Office Management

Our back office management system generates instant reviews of key statistics and offers various tools. You can manage your business more effectively.

Multi-language; Multi-currency

Players can run our games in different major languages and currencies. Your players around the world can fully enjoy our great content.

Online Customer Service

Our friendly customer service team can answer your questions and respond to your needs!

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